Negligent Security Claims

What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent security law is a branch of law often referred to as premises liability law. Negligent security claims can result from a lack of trained security personnel, poor security systems, bad lighting, or a lack of security cameras or locks. Usually, the owner or operator of a public place will have a duty to keep visitors safe. If you have been injured while visiting a public place such as a night club or bar, shopping mall, college campus, parking garage, or parking lot, the negligent security attorneys at Curran Law Group, P.C. can help.

Samples of Negligent Security Claims

Some examples of potential negligent security claims include:

  • Poor surveillance or security in bars or restaurants
  • Poor lighting or lack of security in parking garages
  • Lack of hotel security
  • Lack of private security on a college campus
  • Lack of adequate locks on hotel or motel doors
  • Not having sufficient numbers of security personnel
  • Failing to train employees or security personnel

Generally, a person who is injured while lawfully on the premises of another may bring an action against that owner or occupier the property for damages. To recover, a party must show that the injury was avoidable or foreseeable. There are many ways to show that an incident was foreseeable or avoidable. For example, local police records may show that police have been called to a particular location on prior occasions such as a nightclub or bar to address calls for rowdy behavior or fights. Other evidence may come from witnesses who live in the area or other documentary evidence such as prior incident reports. One of the first things our attorneys will do is send a letter to the owner of the property instructing the owner to preserve any potential evidence such as video surveillance. If a party is found to have destroyed or lost important evidence when the party knew, or should have known, that a lawsuit may be brought, a court may order severe sanctions against the offending party which may include default or other sanctions.

Negligent security can lead to a wide variety of serious injuries. At the law office of Curran Law Group, P.C., our Braintree & Weymouth lawyers provide experienced representation for people who have been injured in negligent security claims throughout the Boston area. We have successfully represented numerous victims who have been beaten, assaulted, and catastrophically injured as a result of negligent security.

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