Dog Bites

Dogs make great companions and for many, their dog is like another member of the family. Dogs also serve as great protectors and many serve as assistants to physically challenged individuals and the visually impaired. However, a poorly trained dog, or a dog that has been neglected or abused can quickly turn from a beloved pet to a vicious attacker leaving its victim with severe, disfiguring injuries and may even result in death. Even dogs previously thought to be “well-trained” can revert to their more predatory instincts and can attack without warning.

According to the CDC, every day approximately 1,000 people seek medical attention and emergency care for dog bite injuries or attacks.

Certain breeds of dogs in particular have earned a reputation as more aggressive, territorial and prone to attacking innocent people, even their own owners.

Breeds that are responsible for the most attacks include Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, German Sheppards, Chow Chows, Huskeys, and Terriers. The combination of attacks from these breeds inflicts the majority of injuries across the country each year with Pit Bulls leading the pack in attacks resulting in fatalities.

According to one study, it is projected that by 2018, pit bulls will have mauled 338 people to death since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by breed.

Children and infants in particular are at higher risk of being attacked. According to data, seventy nine percent of fatal dog attacks are on children with unsupervised children being at the highest risk.

Recovering Compensation for Dog Bite Attacks

Injuries from dog attacks vary but can range from severe laceration injuries to the face, arms, and legs to a fatal mauling. Dog attacks not only result in physical harm and scarring but can have a long lasting effect both emotionally and mentally leading to conditions such as PTSD, anxiety disorders and depression.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a dog bite attack, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries which may include compensation for past and future medical expenses, expenses for plastic or reconstructive surgery, damages for pain and suffering, and damages for emotional distress.

The dog bite and dog attack attorneys at Curran Law Group, P.C. in Weymouth have successfully handled numerous claims involving dog bite injuries in Boston and throughout the state of Massachusetts and have recovered substantial compensation for both children and adults as a result of dog bites. The Massachusetts dog and animal attack Attorneys at Curran Law Group, P.C. will take immediate steps to investigate the facts surrounding your injuries and will seek to gather and preserve crucial evidence needed to help establish liability against the responsible parties to win your case.

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