Case Results

$500,000 Medical Malpractice

Our client was injured because of medical malpractice due to a defendant physician’s failure to follow the required standard of care by not prescribing antibiotics to a woman who had been scratched by a cat. Our client’s injury was deep and required hospital care to stop the bleeding. Given our client’s medical history she suffered from a compromised immune system and antibiotics should have been prescribed to prevent a potentially life-threatening infection. Instead, our client received a tetanus shot and was sent home without any antibiotics. Shortly thereafter, an aggressive bacterial infection took hold and spread throughout our client’s body ultimately requiring knee surgery and back surgery to clean out the infection which has seeded into certain joints. The defense argued that the infection was not preventable even if antibiotics were prescribed and that given our clients delay in seeking medical treatment after she began experiencing symptoms of infection, she contributed to the spread of the infection. Our office retained several medical experts who provided crucial medical opinions which assisted us in resolving the case with a half-million dollar settlement.

$225,000 Eye Injury Following Nightclub Assault

In a case where a client was struck in the face with a glass bottle while enjoying a night out with friends, Curran Law Group, P.C. was able to secure a six figure settlement for the client. As a result of the assault, our client suffered a ruptured globe and required emergency medical care at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston, Massachusetts. Our client continued to suffer with “floaters” in his vision which would come and go. Through investigation, it was discovered that the bar had violated local ordinances and other state regulations by overcrowding the premises and failing to have sufficient security on the premises. The defendant bar’s insurance carrier contested the both liability and damages and argued that the damage was not permanent. Our office arranged for our client to be examined by a highly regarded ophthalmologist, who provided a written opinion indicating that our client had sustained a permanent eye injury as a result of the assault. Shortly thereafter, through a series of negotiations, Attorney Curran was able to sure a six figure settlement for his client. As for the attacker, he was ultimately arrested and put in jail.

$185,000 Slip and Fall Results in Hip Fracture

Our client was injured in a slip and fall accident. The client had entered into a store to purchase some groceries when he slipped on a pool of water that had been tracked into the store by employees pushing soaking wet carriages across the floor. Video surveillance showed that the store failed to place any warning signs or cones and failed to take any steps to clean or dry the area until after our client had fallen. The defendant initially claimed that it had taken reasonable steps to clean liquid off the floor, but by filing a motion in the superior court, we were able to force the defendant to turn over a copy of the video which revealed that the defendant took no such steps.

$175,000 for Pedestrian Accident

Our client was involved in a pedestrian accident while he attempted to cross the street to get to his vehicle after leaving a convenience store. The impact from the accident caused our client to be thrown over the roof of the car and land in the street behind the vehicle. Our client sustained several abrasions and lacerations and required several courses of physical therapy. The defense argued that our client was not in a cross walk and had run out into the street from in between parked cars and that the driver was unable to avoid hitting him. Although the defense presented statement from two witnesses support the driver’s version of events, our office was able to show that the witnesses were not as credible as the defense had hoped and both witnesses confirmed they were unable to see the actual event happen. Attorney Curran was able to reach a settlement at mediation, which the client was thrilled with.

$150,000 for Dog Bite

Our client suffered a serious dog bite injury on her face resulting in a 4 cm scar above her lip. Our client was a minor at the time and was extremely frightened by the bite and was unable to be around dogs after the attack. After securing the opinion of a qualified plastic surgeon, our office was able to secure a six figure settlement for our client which the minors parents structured into a series of several payments for the minor’s benefit as she reached certain milestones such as turning eighteen years old. The settlement reflected the maximum coverage that was available through the defendant’s insurance policy.

Client Reviews
He made things happen and WON my case. Joe is very likeable and was great with the Jury and the Judge. Even the Judge committed an how well prepared he was, this was a BIG company we took on. I can't say enough on how good he was. JOE GETS RESULTS. Bruce Bell
He is always ready to talk and discuss with you concerning the case, gives his advice, takes your opinion and makes things work with a personalized approach to each case. I am glad I had Attorney Joe representing my case and I would highly recommend them. Anubha K.